The Estate Sale Process

Every step of our estate sale process is designed with you in mind. From start to finish, Mansfield Estate Sales is here to make your estate sale as smooth, convenient, and successful as we possibly can.

Before the Estate Sale

  • Inventory: The best estate sale starts with a great inventory. The first step in our estate sale process is to go through all of your items – even the ones you won’t be including in the sale – to make note of everything you’ll be putting up.
  • Cleaning: You’d be surprised how many “unsellable” items can be put up in an estate sale after a little cleaning! We’ll go through all your items and spruce up what we can, so you can get the best deal possible.
  • Pricing: Our team of liquidation experts are here to make sure your items are priced so your sale is a success. We use an experienced, research-based approach to mark all of your items with a realistic price.
  • Staging: After we prepare and price your items, it’s time to set the stage! We want buyers to browse your sale without being crowded, so we’ll organize everything to have a nice traffic flow. We’ll also arrange for attendants to be stationed outside the sale just to make sure nothing goes out unpaid for.
  • Promotion: Inventory is only half of the recipe for success in an estate sale – you also need great promotion! We’ll take clear, well-lit photos of your items to put up on advertisements that will have buyers lined up around the block. We’ll also put up directional signs outside the estate sale to help folks easily find their way to your home.


  • Cleanup: An estate sale can leave a bit of a mess behind afterwards, especially there have been a lot of customers. We’ll make sure your home is cleaned top to bottom, with a professional cleanup crew if necessary. You can check out our Cleanouts page for more information on cleanup.
  • Disposal: Not every item will be sold at an estate sale. There may also be items that you haven’t put up for sale that you still need to dispose of. We’ll go through all the remaining items to help you decide what needs to be disposed of, what needs to be donated, and what needs to be consigned.
  • Payment: The last step in our estate sale process is, of course, to make sure you get paid! We’ll draw up sales receipts after the estate sale is over and those remaining items have been taken care of.

If you have any questions, or if you’d like to set up a sale, call us or email us today!

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