Estate Sale Cleanouts

When your sale is over, Mansfield is here to ensure that all your items are taken care of however you see fit. This is where our estate sale cleanouts come in.

Our services don’t stop when your estate sale is over. Part of the Mansfield experience includes our estate sale cleanouts. We can help as much or as little as you want with the cleanout process. You might just need someone to process your payments, or you might need a professional crew to dispose of your remaining items. Whatever you need, we’re here to help with.

The truth is, not every single item you put up for sale will get sold during an estate sale. For example, there might be items left over that you didn’t put on sale but still can’t have lying around. Have no fear; Mansfield can help with all of it. There’s no need for a junk hauler or a separate service to clean out your leftover items after your estate sale is finished. That’s where our estate sale clean outs come in. Leftover items, items you never put for sale, and things you need to throw away – we’ll handle it all.

How It Works

Our Process page has more details, but here are a few things that Mansfield’s estate sale clean outs can help with:

  • Payment: We’ll handle all of the payment details between you and your buyers, and provide an itemized receipt with all sales.
  • Cleanup: Our teams are on hand to cleanup after a sale. A professional cleaning crew can be hired, if necessary.
  • Inventory: We’ll go through your remaining items and work with you to decide whether to donate, consign, or dispose of them. Every item requires special treatment, and that’s what we do.

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